A PIOUS BELIEF Things Watery

THINGS WATERY my contribution; a reblog of my post on January 20.
This idea of “things watery” reminds me of a pious little story presented here below:

Here is a little story, I am sure many of you, especially those who attended Catholic Schools back in the 40’s – 50’s have heard.

One happy, perfect day in heaven it was decided a contest was in the making for the angels. The rules were they would fly down to earth and find a gift for the Baby Jesus. Whosoever would find the best gift was the winner.

Anxious as they all were they polished their wings and got ready to take off, “Get ready, get set, and GO!” Wings started to flutter; it seems a hurricane entered heaven.

Landing deep within a lush rural forest one such angel found the most beautiful flower, with a luxurious fragrance that seemed to fill the entire forest.

Another angel witnessed the birth of a perfect child with lovely thick locks of hair that seemed to cover its entire head. So the angel just clipped only one to take back to heaven.

Several angels brought back nuggets of pure gold and silver, while still, others found gems that shone like the sun. While others even captured the golden rays from the sun, wrapped them up in glistening threads and carried them back to heaven.

One little angel left with nothing to bring since it seemed that everything already was presented to the new-born King.

The little angel wandered around with his wings held down, still looking, never giving up. Suddenly upon passing a Church, the angel heard some sobbing, stopping to listen through the walls, angels can do that you already know, he heard and saw a human crying in the confessional with tears rolling down their cheeks. The angel also started to tear up. The little angel carefully and very gently lifted but one tear and quickly brought it to the Baby Jesus.

Can you guess what treasure that the King was pleased after seeing all the found riches?

Yes, you are correct.

End of the story

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