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Suddenly My Personal Story

My story in short.

A cradle Catholic here who still can hear the nun’s words, “you children have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Then she would explain what that meant. We were born with the Faith and didn’t have to “seek and find” like others.

My journey in life took me this way and that way regarding my religion. When the Church started to change, I began to change.
Suddenly I was permitting myself to do all sorts of things that I would never allow myself earlier in life.

As the years rolled by I often thought of my younger years and why suddenly it was okay to let down the bars so to speak. One day I mentioned this to my priest, and he merely said, “oh! those things are outdated, the prayers, hymns, and even the catechism.” I left there with more questions than answers.

One day very soon after, I was cleaning out some old things and found a shoe box with trinkets. Among the items was my brown scapular and rosary, all tangled together. I untangled them and began to think again; “I should be wearing this scapular and praying this rosary,” I remembered. And so suddenly I made up my mind to do so.

My life at that time didn’t change much the bar was still low, and the goats were coming in. Not until I picked up this book and read it. “Sinners Return to God.”

Suddenly I realized I was going the wrong way. After reading it suddenly again I knew I had to amend my life, and quite suddenly I was committed to doing so.

I consider myself a Traditional Catholic today and have found peace of soul; I suddenly have a new lease on life. And that is a good thing.


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