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#Hailbun Monday – Faith – Challenge

Last week, I was in wonder while watching a vintage religious movie according to the Gospel of John. A marriage feast was happening at Cana, where Jesus, His disciples and His mother were invited and, appeared according to the movie, as having a good time. However, they ran out of wine.

The movie created within me, the story, it was coming alive. I could relate to when His mother mentioned; they ran out of wine, a fear of mine when I entertain. Paraphrasing now, Jesus said to His mother, what do you want me to do about it?

It seems so natural for her to turn to the attendants and say, “do whatever He tells you to do.” Without further discussion between Jesus and His mother; He says, “Fill the jars with water.” The story has a good ending in that the water became the most delicious of wines, ever.

ofttimes we have heard
Go at once ask your mother –
father would whisper


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