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As the World CHURNS

The world is a container in which we humans are churned, stirred and shaken to make us meaningful in the eyes of God Almighty. We are here to learn the Will of God and are churned at times because of the consequences of our own choices.

Life is a struggle!
Thomas a Kempis says this:

“Without struggle, you cannot obtain the crown of patience, and if you refuse to suffer you are refusing the crown, But if you desire to be crowned, fight manfully and bear up patiently. Without labor, there is no rest, and without fighting, no victory.”
You may ask, and Thomas’ voice continues: “How is it possible to love a life that has such great bitterness, that is subject to so many calamities and miseries? Indeed, how can it even be called life when it begets so many deaths and plagues? And yet, it is loved, and many seek their delight in it.
Many persons often blame the world for being false and vain, yet do not readily give it up because of the desires of the flesh have such great power. Some things draw them to love the world; others make them despise it. The lust of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, and the pride of life lead to love, while the pains and miseries, which are the just consequences of those things, beget hatred and weariness of the world.
Vicious pleasure overcomes the soul that is given to the world. She thinks that there are delights beneath these thorns because she has never seen or tasted the sweetness of God or the inner joy of virtue. They, on the other hand, those who entirely despise the world and seek to live for God under the rule of holy discipline, are not ignorant of the divine sweetness promised to those who genuinely renounce the world. They see clearly how gravely the world errs, and how many ways it deceives.” (STIRRING)




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