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Now We Know — Thwart

“Thwart” what a peculiar word — curiosity induced my looking up the origin.

Word Origin and History for thwart Expand
c.1200, from Old Norse þvert “across,” originally neuter of thverr (adj.) “transverse, across,” cognate with Old English þweorh “transverse, perverse, angry, cross,” from Proto-Germanic *thwerkhaz (cf. Middle Dutch dwers, Dutch dwars “cross-grained, contrary,” Old High German twerh, German quer, Gothic þwairhs “angry”), altered (by influence of *thwer- “to turn”) from *therkh-, from PIE *twork-/*twerk- “twist” (cf. Latin torquere “to twist,” Sanskrit tarkuh “spindle,” Old Church Slavonic traku “band, girdle,” Old High German drahsil “turner,” German drechseln “to turn on a lathe”).

Right‼ ☺ Now we know. Ta Da ♪♫

I was reminded of a particular Bible verse, and especially today when the Modernist has control of the Vatican, and it seems the Church today has sunk under and with the Illuminati’s plan to THWART, but they only reduced it as foretold. We have God’s word His Church will never be THWARTED, no matter. The Church is the teachings of Christ, not the buildings. The temporal is just that, as Christ has said, “My Kingdom is not of the world.”

“And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
[Matthew 16:18]



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