A new word, read a Haibun + poem

A Japanese word, CHIJITSU, means LINGERING DAY, or LONG SPRING DAY:  dVerse for this day April 16 we are challenged to write for haibun Monday, our own inspiration about chijitsu.

In truth, I have reached the time of life where the days no longer linger, instead, they accelerate.
One of my favorite pastimes has become with the welcome lingering of a day; the ever-present routine to cherish the moments I spend looking at old photographs. My family, friends, vacations memories that are so dear to me. These lingering times will be enduring as long as I have breath in me. Yes, I can spend long hours just remembering as they say, “back in the day.”
I also love to linger on profound thoughts and prayers; these desirable moments visit me to carry me off in a suspended passage of time.

A successful day
welcoming intermission
revel dormancy


4 thoughts on “A new word, read a Haibun + poem”

  1. I like the lingering memories. I can relate to looking at old photos and love how it makes those good and memorable times not fade away. This fits really well with the prompt in addition to being creative and well-written.

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