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Reblog of a Poem



A reblog for dVerse:  Today I feel especially missing him. I loved most about him was


he let me be me.
I noticed on dVerse that one was invited to share a poem, just any poem, so I choose this one of which is a repeat of this past February 23.

I Believe, BECAUSE -

Today I feel more conversant with the memory of my husbands last days than usual, so I wrote a poem. Although I may not be considered a poet, I still feel conversant with his memory.

A MEMORY afraid to forget

Some die soft and others die-hard.
You left me with a heart scarred.
His Will was to call you home
His Will left me all alone.
Your words to me were bravely spoken
Today I understand the words foretoken.
“It’s Gods Will,” you said over and over.
“Please lend me a prayer,” and moreover;
“What did our priest just say to me?”
Words I just couldn’t foresee.
“Our children will now care for you,”
He knew they would follow through.
Now that it’s been five long years
What I do best are shedding tears.


via Daily Prompt: Conversant

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6 thoughts on “Reblog of a Poem”

  1. I echo Mish’s comment as she writes the words that I would have chosen.
    Tears are a release and truly an expression of love.
    I send hugs to you.


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