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HELLO — The Month of June


The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What an excellent time to begin a novena.
What is a novena some might ask? A novena (from Latin: Novem, “nine”) is an ancient tradition of devotional praying for nine successive days or weeks. During a novena, we implore favors for ourselves or others.
Members of the Roman Catholic Church most often pray novenas.
The prayers often derived from devotional prayer books, or consist of the recitation of the rosary (a “rosary novena”), or of short prayers through the day.

If you have been in need of something, try with confidence to offer prayers during the month of June in honor of His Sacred Heart, below is a suggested prayer, but any prayer to God is acceptable, especially one you might have composed yourself.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
filled with infinite love,
broken by my ingratitude,
pierced by my sins,
yet loving me still;
accept the consecration
that I make to You
of all that I am
and all that I have.
Take every faculty
of my soul and body
and draw me,
day by day,
nearer and nearer
to Your Sacred Heart,
and there,
as I can understand the lesson,
Teach me Your blessed ways. Amen.

O my Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you, ask, and it will
be given you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be
opened to you.’ Behold, I knock, I seek and ask for the grace (mention your petition)
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you if you ask
anything of the Father in my name, He will give it to you.’
Behold, in Your name, I ask the Father for the grace of ( ask your petition). Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O my Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you, heaven and
earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.’
Encouraged by Your infallible words, I now ask for the grace (repeat your petition).
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have
compassion on the afflicted, pity us poor sinners
and grant us the grace which we ask of You, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your tender mother and ours.

Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro


Colleen gave us two very pleasant and sunny words, the synonyms are also enjoyable.

How I wonder did my poem arrive at such a scary warning?  Could it be I wanted to juxtapose the good and the bad?

My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Fantasy and Merry”  my choice was “Visions and Joyous”  –

Beware of visions
devil resembles joyous
intellect deceives  zen


dVerse, poetry

Silent SOUNDS Challenge by …

dVerse Haibun Monday

Last Sunday, May 27 was Trinity Sunday, a grand feast day in the Church, to honor the Blessed Trinity. Our priest told a little story which explained a little better how the Church teaches that the Son is begotten by the Father from eternity both are one and equal. That is the teaching of the Church.

The story our priest told was of a typical family a boy and his father. A father mocking his son’s belief in the Blessed Trinity. This father told his son that the father must come first in order to have the son, not equal. The little boy obviously inspired by God said, “no dad, you were never a father until you had me. You became my father the same exact time I became your son.”

Sharing a Silent Sound composed recently in honor of the Blessed Trinity creating my SILENT SOUND.
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Three in One, O Holy Ghost Spouse of Mary, of Whom Jesus was made incarnate. Holy Ghost Tongue of Fire enflamed with love bringing light to the world enlighten me, White Dove Paraclete to all, Sanctifier and guide. Intercede to Our Lady for extraordinary graces as we need them when we need them.

A Haiku  would sound like this

Three in One timeless
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Intercede for us


Cee's challenge

Share God’s World

This week from Share Your World – May 28, 2018, I chose to answer question number four, if YOU would like to participate please click  HERE for other questions how you can share your world. My image with words are below:
“What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.” 

I love to feed and care for God’s creatures, as He cares for me.  ♥




What a find, my smile
in my backyard — What a joy
precious birds waiting


Word Prompts

Exorcism Story = Doppelganger

Today’s word prompt “Doppelganger” no doubt means different conclusions to different people.
Immediately when I realized what the word meant, (had to look it up) I was reminded of the time I had the pleasure of entertaining a well-known exorcist for dinner at my home many years ago.
Bishop Robert McKenna born in 1927 – 2015. You will find   McKenna
by searching his name much information about his gift of exorcism. Bishop McKenna using Latin, the official language of the Church begins the ritual of exorcism. Bishop McKenna begs God through prayer to free the demon-haunted person.

Getting back to my story when he was a guest in my home, he told me about one of the times when he was effecting an exorcism the sufferer, a man, actually walked out of his body, in other words, the person was standing while Bishop looked at him and suddenly there were two of them, exactly alike. The second one just walked out of the original person and stepped away about 5 feet from the man, then stepped back into him.
Now that in my mind was what I would call a “DOPPELGANGER.” Also in many real-life stories, a real cliffhanger ending.


Story with Bishop Robert Mckenna


Friday and Flash Fiction …gulp!

Okay, so I have been reading here about Flash Fiction, Sudden, Micro and Quick fiction.

This is my first story with a word count of 318, I pray you will stick it out to the end and be kind, it is a first for me.  Titled:  Who is that Man?


Opening the door to the waiting room at Good Health Hospital was a new experience for me. There was another person there in the room very decked out in a suit, tie, and hair classy blond; his attractive smile was natural and captivating.
“Have you been waiting long?” I asked nervously.
He had a very calm disposition didn’t seem a bit anxious, and his eyes had a placid twinkle. He said, “yes about 2000 years give or take a century or two.”
I laughed at his attempt to be entertaining.
“This is my first child.” I blurted out.
“Mine too, he said … and will be the only one ever.”

I wondered why, the only one.
Suddenly it became hushed and cold, I began to pace back and forth and the minutes seemed like hours, tick tock tick. My buddy, however, was self-assured and I envied him for that.

“Aren’t you excited,” I asked just as the nurse came in.
“Baby is here, and both baby and mother are fine.”
“Whose baby mine or his,” I inquired.
“You sir, are the only one waiting here, of course, it’s your baby.”
Twisting my body around in dismay to see for myself and yes, that perfect person, still sitting there. Happiness was written over his face as if it was his child, I thought. Instantly before I gained my poise, my companion seemed to have read my mind; immediately, and speaking with authority, I heard … “It is my, child I will be with this little soul from this day onward, while you will only love, and guard as assented to as He Wills. I have waited a long time for my obligation to come into the world for we angels only receive one, and yes I am excited.” Pray that we will together bring this child back to Him who He always has known and now.
The Beginning



Word Prompts

Yes, I am GUILTY …

… GUILTY of speaking to my loved ones after they have gone before me, and yesterday May 23 was my mothers birthday, however, she passed away four years ago at age 98.

Just to set the stage for this true story; being a fan of an occasional beautiful rainy day as I am. Especially now that I am getting older, it is hard for me to go outside and move the hose every once in a while, although I welcome the exercise of the task. (not really) Also, it was pretty very much a beautiful sunny day with no mention of rain in the forecast for our area.

When I woke up, I cheerfully started to talk to my mother, who I realize was dead but sometimes people still like to speak to their loved ones who have gone before them.  At least I hope I’m not the only one.  “Happy birthday, mom” then I continued with … “when you passed away you never really said goodbye to me, you just faded away.”
If you can hear me, and if you are in heaven, not purgatory, let me enjoy some rain today.” Yes, that was how I started my day, yesterday.

As the hours were going by, it was 3:00 in the afternoon, my daughter asked me to drive up to the school, which was high on a hilltop above my neighborhood to pick up her daughters.

It as I said was one of the hottest days, so far here in the Pacific Northwest thus far, mid 80’s with the sun at the warmest period of the day and sunny.

As I drove up to the school, I noticed a grey covering in the sky slowly moving over the school and toward the nearby area below, and yes it started to rain.

However, the strange part was it only rained over the school and cemetery where she is buried and just below reaching my home and the nearby properties but barely anywhere else.

It rained for about 20 minutes, and when my daughter came to pick up the girls, she mentioned it was not raining anywhere else as she drove over.

Just had to share this little story here on my blog, it happened to me;  was it just a coincidence, well perhaps but I like to think otherwise.  She finally said her goodbye.

Sometimes the rain speaks
listen closely the message
enjoy rain this day


via Daily Prompt: Guilty

Word Prompts

August 15th, Assumption of the Blessed Mother — Holy Day of Obligation

The Traditional Catholic Faith STILL keep August 15 as a Holy Day of Obligation.

Why because Our Lady said herself in the book of Luke that “for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.”  Luke 1; 48

She also said that she increases your faith in her son.  And Mary said:My soul doth magnify the Lord.”  Luke 1; 46

Therefore it is impossible to love her, Mary, more than Jesus, because the more you love Mary the more you will love her Son.

The spoken word was passed on to the original Christians the story of her Assumption into heaven, not by her own power but the power of God.



via Daily Prompt: Assumption

Assumption the word itself:

Word Origin & History

c.1300, “the reception, uncorrupted, of the Virgin Mary into Heaven,” also the Church festival (Aug. 15) commemorating this, Feast of the Assumption, from Old French assumpcion and directly from Latin assumptionem (nominative assumptio) “a taking, receiving,” noun of action from past participle stem of assumere (see assume). Meaning “minor premise of a syllogism” is late 14c. Meaning “appropriation of a right or possession” is mid-15c. Meaning “action of taking for oneself” is recorded from 1580s; that of “something taken for granted” is from 1620s.

dVerse, Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

ANTS, GO MARCHING — and Catholics

My post here was intended only for Colleen’s Challenge her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Hurry” and “Last” in any form of poetry.   Thinking of those words “Hurry” and “Last” — looking up the synonyms I thought,  “forget it for today, I can’t think of anything.

For a few moments my brain was stuck then quite quickly a Haibun started to develop with many synonyms almost all of them kept flowing from my “P” brain.  Well, really not all of the synonyms.  Lol  ♫

After reading the requirements at dVerse I was inspired to use their Mr. Linky, after all this post is both humorous, sad but true.

Titled:  ANTS

Today, this morning, in fact, I was thinking about my Faith, the Traditional Catholic Faith.  I hate it when I hear speakers refer to it as a “movement.”  A MOVEMENT means to many … a development or evolution.  The humor and sad are commingled, however, neither are present when it comes to those who are serious about staying firm to the teachings they have learned from the beginning as stated in the Bible.

I repeat many call it the Traditional Catholic Movement, but that is so wrong. Wrong because the word “movement” is opposite of what it means to stay, remain steadfast and ignore the progress such as adapting to the world.  2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.
When Vatican II was implemented in the mid 60’s I am reminded of a childhood nursery rhyme about ants. Yes, ants! Those pesky bugs.  AND …  liberals like to think of Catholics as pesky, I don’t agree but accept their right of opinion.  God isn’t finished with them yet!

Back to my point, which is really the humorous part of this entire story.
However, have you ever noticed how when their ANT colonies are invaded, they dash, flurry run with haste and you see nothing but commotion? They seem to spin, turn every which way and whirl around. Then they settle down and reorganize with the remnant that remains. That is the Traditional Catholic Church in allegory, really quite funny when you realize it.  

I close with this poem and nursery song; poem first.  Nursery song guaranteed to make you smile!

Where are we going?
World moving ending with haste
O God, where are you?