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ANTS, GO MARCHING — and Catholics

My post here was intended only for Colleen’s Challenge her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Hurry” and “Last” in any form of poetry.   Thinking of those words “Hurry” and “Last” — looking up the synonyms I thought,  “forget it for today, I can’t think of anything.

For a few moments my brain was stuck then quite quickly a Haibun started to develop with many synonyms almost all of them kept flowing from my “P” brain.  Well, really not all of the synonyms.  Lol  ♫

After reading the requirements at dVerse I was inspired to use their Mr. Linky, after all this post is both humorous, sad but true.

Titled:  ANTS

Today, this morning, in fact, I was thinking about my Faith, the Traditional Catholic Faith.  I hate it when I hear speakers refer to it as a “movement.”  A MOVEMENT means to many … a development or evolution.  The humor and sad are commingled, however, neither are present when it comes to those who are serious about staying firm to the teachings they have learned from the beginning as stated in the Bible.

I repeat many call it the Traditional Catholic Movement, but that is so wrong. Wrong because the word “movement” is opposite of what it means to stay, remain steadfast and ignore the progress such as adapting to the world.  2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.
When Vatican II was implemented in the mid 60’s I am reminded of a childhood nursery rhyme about ants. Yes, ants! Those pesky bugs.  AND …  liberals like to think of Catholics as pesky, I don’t agree but accept their right of opinion.  God isn’t finished with them yet!

Back to my point, which is really the humorous part of this entire story.
However, have you ever noticed how when their ANT colonies are invaded, they dash, flurry run with haste and you see nothing but commotion? They seem to spin, turn every which way and whirl around. Then they settle down and reorganize with the remnant that remains. That is the Traditional Catholic Church in allegory, really quite funny when you realize it.  

I close with this poem and nursery song; poem first.  Nursery song guaranteed to make you smile!

Where are we going?
World moving ending with haste
O God, where are you?


12 thoughts on “ANTS, GO MARCHING — and Catholics”

  1. I’m always pleased with how you weave your thoughts into your poetry. That’s what it’s all about. ❤


  2. You tell them! Protestants forget many of their greatest evangelicals were actually Catholic. I remember the ants go marching. They marched up my leg awhile back. Must have been 20 or so, ouch! Loved your haibun, Thanks for writing


  3. Loved the analogy! This is very true! Those who get all in a tizzy would do well to reconsider the foundation from which they come. Well done. Loved the ant song. I am sending it to my grandson who is 7.


  4. Movement? Definitely not as the Catholic Church may be the institution best at not adapting to the world. But pesky? Maybe. My husband and I are catholic and it drives us nuts how fellow catholics feel it necessary to defer to the Roman missal/papal authority to make any decision, even the most mundane ones. Hello, remember prayer?


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