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Yes, I am GUILTY …

… GUILTY of speaking to my loved ones after they have gone before me, and yesterday May 23 was my mothers birthday, however, she passed away four years ago at age 98.

Just to set the stage for this true story; being a fan of an occasional beautiful rainy day as I am. Especially now that I am getting older, it is hard for me to go outside and move the hose every once in a while, although I welcome the exercise of the task. (not really) Also, it was pretty very much a beautiful sunny day with no mention of rain in the forecast for our area.

When I woke up, I cheerfully started to talk to my mother, who I realize was dead but sometimes people still like to speak to their loved ones who have gone before them.  At least I hope I’m not the only one.  “Happy birthday, mom” then I continued with … “when you passed away you never really said goodbye to me, you just faded away.”
If you can hear me, and if you are in heaven, not purgatory, let me enjoy some rain today.” Yes, that was how I started my day, yesterday.

As the hours were going by, it was 3:00 in the afternoon, my daughter asked me to drive up to the school, which was high on a hilltop above my neighborhood to pick up her daughters.

It as I said was one of the hottest days, so far here in the Pacific Northwest thus far, mid 80’s with the sun at the warmest period of the day and sunny.

As I drove up to the school, I noticed a grey covering in the sky slowly moving over the school and toward the nearby area below, and yes it started to rain.

However, the strange part was it only rained over the school and cemetery where she is buried and just below reaching my home and the nearby properties but barely anywhere else.

It rained for about 20 minutes, and when my daughter came to pick up the girls, she mentioned it was not raining anywhere else as she drove over.

Just had to share this little story here on my blog, it happened to me;  was it just a coincidence, well perhaps but I like to think otherwise.  She finally said her goodbye.

Sometimes the rain speaks
listen closely the message
enjoy rain this day


via Daily Prompt: Guilty

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