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Favorite word challenge! Had to think on this one since I never gave it serious thought. Words are attractive to any of us who are interested in writing. Words whether it be poems or prose.
The word that I always felt was interesting was a description of a neighbor I had many many years ago. From day one after this family moved into the community they struck me as being … PERSNICKETY! That is an excellent word in my opinion because if you don’t know the meaning, the word itself explains the meaning.

Ending on a religious note which is the theme of my blog, I am reminded again of a different person,  other than the person described above; I was acquainted with who told me how he felt about himself; that his life was so sinful, he honestly believed that God could never forgive him.
What he was saying,  not with words but his belief;  his sins were more significant than the Mercy of God and that God was PERSNICKETY!

If any reader here feels that way, please read my previous post for June titled “Hello the Month June.”

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