Just Because

Sometimes I feel Silly on Mondays

I hope God still loves me when I’m silly.

A Wordle group offers a challenge to pick at least ten of their twelve suggested words and use them in a story or poem.

Oppps I overslept
My hair in a tangle
My peer calls me over the hill
What an epigrammatic!
Not to mention the tenon of his voice
Yet, he is right I am full of rust, while
developing oblivescence
Just this morning I wrought
a vase then broke it.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel Silly on Mondays”

  1. Welcome to the Wordle! What a pleasure to have you =) I made the Wordle and even I think it looks really tricky but you really pulled it off and it really is remarkable how concise you were able to make it! Very amusing read =)


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