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Is there a doctor in the house?

A first for me! Last night I was sound to sleep, minding my own business when suddenly I woke up and realized I wasn’t breathing. I vaguely remember struggling for breath but could not for about 8 seconds.
Finally, breath came, and I fell back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was about 2 hours into my day when I remembered the strange happening.
Did it happen or was that a dream? I questioned, especially since I felt just fine.
I guess I will wait and see if that happens again, and just another reason why not to forget to pray before closing your eyes each night, you wouldn’t want to find yourself knocking on His door unprepared.

poetry, Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

Knowing the end of the story

In keeping with the theme of my blog, this challenge does have a religious touch.

My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Happy and Morose” however as she suggested I took this week challenge a little further by mixing Tanka poetry in between a Haiku or hybrid of Haiku/Senryu. If you know whether it be Haiku or Senryu please comment below; explain why.  Honestly I am not sure.

Numerous synonyms will be underlined.

Illusion the snare
crooning of silly ditties
awash with merry!
Secretly indwells a low
clinging to a chimera.

How cold our world is.
No room at the inn; without
Him— Peace can’t enter.

Truth error can’t mix
the devil will have his day!
Knowing story end
delighted the blessed will be
melancholy will be free!

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Brown Scapular and Blessed Virgin


Today Start again! Have confidence The Blessed Mother — God came to us through her, is it so wrong to love her? He loves her.

Behold Thy Mother!

In May of 1957, a German Carmelite priest published an amazing true story that demonstrates the power of Our Blessed Mother and how now, even in our own times, we can expect miracles if we approach her with a humble confidence. In this particular instance, her loving protection was made manifest through her Brown Scapular.


In Westboden, Germany, a terrible tragedy occurred when a neighborhood of over 20 houses caught on fire. Being lined up in a row, the hungry flames quickly traveled from one house to the next. One of the buildings was inhabited by a couple families. who, upon seeing the flames steadily advancing, immediately hung a Brown Scapular on the front door of their home. The fire came, and flames flew all around the home.


In less than 5 hours, the fire had destroyed 22 homes. Amidst the heaps of ash and the long row of ruin…

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Wordle Words as Words do Wordle

Posted below: composed with words from Wordle 362


As one gets older, it’s fun to pass away the time by remembering youth in Chicago where my heart will always be. The sign of Christmas, the Holy Season remembering the birth of Christ, approaching means a trip to the department store, riding on the moving staircase.

Picture this: Windows trimmed with that special gift seen only during the Holidays. Animated displays with toys, and children skating on the lake surrounded with pines. You can travel wherever your imagination takes you all this while shopping for that special quilt for grandmother.

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Moment of Truth …

Death is the moment of Truth!

Why is it so morbid to think of death?

Is it because we are afraid of the truth.

Life, on the other hand, is a pleasant subject, we have high expectations, hopes for happiness, and delusions that it will never end.
As the years go by, that moment of truth gets closer and nearer.
We push it away, but why?

The reason is, we don’t understand our purpose in life. What is our mission?

Simply put, it is “To Know, Love and Serve God in this life so we will be happy with Him in Eternity.”

Many Christians seek a lifestyle that speaks the reason for life is for God, to know me, love me and serve me, then they wonder why they fear that moment of truth, DEATH!

The atheist reasoning best explained from an epitaph etched on a gravestone. “All dressed up and no place to go.”