Word Prompts

St. Thomas Aquinas said so!


What would we do without Fandango who stepped in and offers us a Word of the Day,  to get our imagery working?  Today that word is “OBJECT”.


The Object of Man!
The last end of human life is stated to be happiness.
However, ignorance commits us to frustration; therefore, we must all pray for wisdom. The Summa of Aquinas teaches that we can see in the darkness if we look through the eyes of God.

Saint Augustine along with St. Thomas says that all men agree in desiring the last end (their object), which is happiness.

Every man is in control of himself; his acts are his own. The Summa continues … “Those who sin turn from that in which their last end consists: but they do not turn away from the intention of the last end, which intention they mistakenly seek in other things.  Consider how humans differ from irrational animals in this, that he is master of his actions.” Many times our free-will results with humans seeking for worldly things thinking it will satisfy them, they believe that the accomplishment of their desires will make them happy. Not finding this happiness because they look for it in the wrong place.
In truth man’s end, his object, which is happiness is to be found for the good of his soul. God is the ultimate object, the end of all man’s desires: and the possession of God by the soul is happiness.
How do I know this? Because St. Thomas Aquinas said so!

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