18 thoughts on “Scratch that Itch … A world gone mad”

        1. You are only one word shy, unless you count “Timothy.” Which I did. But then, I tend to err on the side of grace — you know, just in case One is looking on.

          I also don’t sweat the small stuff. Nice write.

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  1. SMiLes.. Gentile.. Jew..
    Servant or Free Woman and
    or Man no More as it appears
    the Good Cop Jesus
    for Everyone
    at least in Fearless
    Meek and Humble Ways..
    i’m happy to see that Version
    Most every Sunday in my Local
    Version of a Catholic Church
    it surely satisfies my only
    Law and
    of Love for
    the Good Cop
    Jesus Story liveS oN
    as Love this way at most..:)

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  2. I agree the world has gone mad ~ Thanks for joining us at dVerse and learning our writing challenge – Quadrille, for today.

    For this poetry prompt, 44 words is the only challenge with a given word, which for this case is, itch ~ I normally use the wordcounter for this writing challenge: https://wordcounter.net/

    I hope you visit and also read the poem of others – its part of our community spirit.

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  3. So nice to have a newcomer at dVerse! Glad you found us ๐Ÿ™‚ We are a global community of folks who enjoy writing and reading and learning too! We post prompts on Mondays (quadrille one Monday; Haibun the next); Tuesdays (called Poetics Tuesday — some varied and interesting prompts on these days); and Thursdays (alternate between an “open link” when you can post 1 poem of your choosing; and a day when a particular form is explored). I’ve been with dVerse for probably about 3 years and I never stop learning. So come back often! Write and be sure to read and comment too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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