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Who Created God?

He always was, is the answer.

That boggles my mind, however when we consider that God has not ever existed in what we know as “Time,” because in fact, God caused “Time.” He brought it into existence before doing so, “Time” did not exist.
Time is described by words such as movement, change, motion.
Outside of “Time” is deathlessness, infiniteness, perpetuity.

Since we living humans have only experienced living in “Time,” it is difficult or impossible for most of us even to imagine living without “Time” when considering that God always was it seems like a fairy tale. When He created “Time” that was THE BEGINNING! God had to exist to cause this rhythm a cycle of rotation (movement). He existed before that period outside of “Time.” He existed in timelessness, infiniteness where there was NO BEGINNING; therefore HE ALWAYS WAS!
I am not a scientist just an everyday person of faith who was inspired to write this post after reading what an atheist had to say about God, who always was. On thinking through the eyes of an atheist, it takes more faith on their part to deny God than to believe in God when one considers the wonders of the world.

Of course, now that God has created “Time” the Catholic way is to believe not only does He live in eternity, but He dwells with us in Time and Eternity.
I end with this Tanka Poem that I wrote dwelling yesterday on this very subject.

Without devotion
a season beyond passion,
do not destroy God.
To deny Him we destroy
us — eternity without!

9 thoughts on “Who Created God?”

  1. These people you know who say God is like you and me, no doubt get that from the words, “Let US make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.”[Genesis 1:26]
    Notice the Bible uses the word US meaning plural, which brings us to the Trinity, THREE.

    Time is also three, past, present and future.

    Image and likeness, I believe means our immortal soul, like God we will live forever either with Him or without Him, depending on our choice. God gives us what we desire.
    This life is not a bowl of cherries, He, God in the Second Person of the Trinity is known as Jesus, and His life was a life of suffering, disappointments, and poverty. We are asked to imitate Him to be with Him in eternity.
    The First Person is known as the Father, He is the creator, and I picture the symbol of hands, (creating).
    We have the Father, Son, (Jesus) and let me introduce you to the Holy Ghost, He is the Third Person, and He guides us.
    How God creates? He wills it! He willed us to live on earth, not the moon, nor other planets, so here we are with the measurement of times as we know it to be.


  2. Man invented time based on measurements, mostly lunar as our calendar and dates are all based on Lunar names. Imagine we lived on Mars, our time would be much different than what we use now.

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    1. I agree that man has continued and invented ways for the things that God created, God created man with the intelligence to do just that, He certainly wants us to continue His work and be His instruments.
      However, my point is I see “time” and “eternity” as two different supernatural dimensions; time with a beginning but never an end with constant change and movement as you described, and eternity with an “always” with no end.
      The Bible says “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone, and the sea is now no more.” [Apocalypse (Revelation) 21:1]

      Sounds like He is not done creating yet!


      1. Well, if you believe a god created everything, I can see how you attribute everything to that god. No matter what new technology, you will think “God gave us intelligence…” The issue with that thought process is that you are going to split the god concept in half… What about the negative we find in the world today? Is that someone else’s creation? 🙂 Just something to think about.

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        1. Thanks for your reply, I liked it just because you responded. God created us but He did not create us as robots, we choose. We make mistakes, we are weak humans and some are even evil by their own choice. Humans do often turn around when they see themselves going in the wrong direction, God gives us many chances. He started the rhythms of the world and put things in motion, it is His will we choose positively not negatively.

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          1. Thanks, I wanted to see how you responded. So you attribute good to God, and bad to humans? I’m just swinging back to when I stated man created time… So do human’s have free will or not? 🙂

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            1. Free Will a puzzling word to the cunning and devious type who love to complicate the simple. A choice is given to humans, and we start making them at a very early age. Our parents tell us, don’t touch that, it will burn you, but the child sometimes, wants to see for themselves, and they touch it, and they pay the consequences. Our choices in life have consequences.

              You insist that man created Time and I regard you as a person with ordinary perception; therefore, we must be having a misunderstanding of the word “create,” my understanding; a Supreme Being just by His Will created the universe and put things in order and motion. By the word time in this sense I mean “motion,” the movement of the planets. No man could have done that! Another language might call Time, Am such as the Irish the word may be different, but the idea that I am trying to present is universal.

              I have learned from speaking to people on the Internet it is good to agree with definitions, avoids misunderstandings.


              1. Definitions are great, how do you define “God”. I know some people who think “He” is someone like you and me. Who created the world on his own. Others may refer to the mystery of creation and the universe and call it “God” but in a way they are unable to explain… just a process.

                I do not presuppose a god. If I was to presuppose a god, I would need to provide evidence of a god and humans do not have that capability.

                Free Will… you are basically saying that for everything good… we give kudos to god but he is not responsible for the bad. That sounded like you were referring to free will.

                I do insist man created time. God/Big Bang may have put the motions in place but time was a discovery of man. And our time is only relative to Earth. As I mentioned, if we lived on any other planet, our concept of time would be much different.

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