true story

True Story … a little bit of Time Travel

An occurrence, of all the experiences one lives, the most wonderful of all would be attending the Mass of all times. The Tridentine Latin Mass!
You would for a brief time, perhaps seconds become a “time traveler.”
Time travel is the concept of movement between specific points in time without the need for a “time machine.” Do I have your attention yet!

Allow an explanation, of the Mass and what happens at a precise time.
During the Last Supper, Christ, according to custom a little water was mixed with the wine which He changed into His Blood. This water represents the Christian people, united with Christ. Jesus chose elements recognized as food for humanity, bread, and wine. In the Eucharist, at the words of consecration by the priest at Mass, bread, and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ. (The Italic font is from “My Way of Life” ~St. Thomas pg.533)

When a priest adequately ordained, he receives power. And during that most sacred moment of consecration, he calls upon God from eternity. Imagine time suspended for one quintillion of a second as if the priest reaches up from time to eternity and receives a twinkling of the Last Supper. A moment in time that words aren’t invented to describe.
The question is, why did the Vatican change the Mass?

Consider the fact that in 1570, the pope wrote a papal bull known as Quo Primum, which explicitly stated that no one, regardless of their rank, not even a pope, could substantially rewrite the Mass.
Another question is why then the Mass was altered?

For an answer to the question, obtain a copy of the Alta Vendita a document which describes the plans of Freemasons to infiltrate and subvert the Catholic Church. But, we know the end of the story.

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