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dVerse desires CHANGE today!

Learning someone in your circle has that dreaded “C” word, it seems like an eternity until you know all the details; fear and waiting patiently. The day has come when we realize what love is. Our special person and life isn’t a life without them. A change is about to take place surreal as in numbing. We begin to bargain with God; if I change dear God, will you then answer my plea? Whatever can I do, oh God, to change your mind?
This can’t be happening, not now, not today; not ever!

We all know the day
might come — letting go— endure
resign to His Will



7 thoughts on “dVerse desires CHANGE today!”

  1. Someone once told me, “Cancer is a word not a sentence.” But the fear when that word is announced is real. I’ve been on both sides of the saying — my daughter-in-law is a 5+ year survivor of triple negative breast cancer (there is a 20% survival rate with this type of bc); and my very dear friend lost her 2.5 year battle with ovarian cancer. So many angels along the way — modern medicine and prayers, the support of friends and family. That C word is a transition word no matter the outcome.
    Your post is a wonderful statement of faith.

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