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Tradition + Haibun Poetry just for YOU!

My Haibun for dVerse

Once Upon Tradition, we discovered that Truth and Humility are very similar in the fact that humility, among other definitions, is acceptance of Truth. Without humility, we cannot win heaven. Because If humility is missing, PRIDE is present.
Just think, it is very straightforward! God can only create goodness, and the angels when created were untainted. However tradition explains, God who knows all things, foretold to His angels that He would also create a nature with a lower essence than His angels. God continued to educate the angels of His plan, but many of them objected to giving one particular woman her proper place. “I will not serve.” The idea that a mere woman would be so privileged, blessed and recognized as to carry God within her human body.

Luke chapter 1; verse 48 “All generations shall call me BLESSED.”

At that moment in time Pride was born into existence, many angels fell.
Pride originated; deception appeared. The fallen then showing Adam and Eve how pleasant Pride looks, Eve accepted the bait while exercising free will thus; giving a new twist on that phrase, “The right to choose.”

Freewill — right to choose
angels, devils, good, evil
humility, pride



8 thoughts on “Tradition + Haibun Poetry just for YOU!”

  1. Methinks perhaps there could be a spirited discussion on the matter of pride. My mother always said “Don’t go out with your hair uncombed. Have a little pride” “Tidy up your room. Have a little pride”. Being proud and having pride are good qualities; pride to excess, however, is not … according to my wise mother!

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    1. I agree there is what we call good pride as you described, such as being proud of our Country.
      Your mother is quite correct in my opinion.
      The pride that causes people unhappiness is arrogance, conceit, not being able to admit when we are wrong, thinking we are better than others, not obeying the Ten Commandments, making excuses why we don’t. Looking down on others etc. etc.
      Anyway, for myself, I am always asking God to take away my evil Pride and I notice since I have been asking for that grace, I seem to see the goodness in everyone I know and have been experiencing peace of soul because of it. Happiness!


  2. Ah….I should have been more specific I guess and said the poem must begin with the line….and that it should not be in the title. oops.
    That said, you’ve written a succinct statement of faith here.

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