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Eyes to See, can you see this

What could be more ordinary than waking up and opening our eyes? 

Eyes; complicated are its workings.

Could it be magic?

To simplify the magic; light enters; the light bends directly to the retina and triggers it by a message to our brain through the optic nerve. The signals enter the brain via the thalamus, which separates the incoming information into two parts, one containing color and detail, and the other movement and contrast. The messages then move to the back of the brain, and into the visual cortex. The cortex is laid out so that it mirrors the end of the retina, allowing a detailed image to be reconstructed.

This type of magic must be the supernatural kind, and some still say there is no God.


Inspired by dVerse

11 thoughts on “Eyes to See, can you see this”

  1. loved this! something so simple and ordinary and often taken for granted till we lose it or it fails us. man even with all his instruments and knowledge still cannot outwit the grand creator, yes and some say there is no God. what He does is totally unexpected, thank you for theis amazing take on the prompt so well written and explained.

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  2. SMiLes.. my FriEnd
    For We Do have
    This Gift
    Of Poetry
    When Words
    Become Organic HeART..
    A Tool A Breath of God Within
    Go on Alive..
    One Word Greater
    Than All the Pyramids Built..
    Only Essence True LoVE Builds..:)

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