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Is Nothing, Something?


Best way to get attention, in my opinion, is to ask for advice or ask a question like the title of this post today!  Daily Inkling wants to know.


We find SOLITUDE when we dream, we write, compose and discover our sub-conscience.

Remembering, recollection, hindsight of a dream while traveling through
space and time. My trip began early one morning while still dark, dozed off on my coach and experienced a rare dream; rare because it was one that I remembered every detail upon returning.

While in my fantasy state, trying to explain how God always was and how did He become God anyway; boggled with that thought. I began to imagine if there never was a God there would be NOTHING! That was when the question entered, begging for an answer, only an atheist can answer. Is nothing, something?

Fantasy and back
Question without an answer
Only through our dreams

10 thoughts on “Is Nothing, Something?”

      1. As humans, we like to believe that there was a definitive beginning and there will be a definitive ending. But what if, instead of a beginning, there just always was. And even when humans no longer exist, there always will be. There isn’t anything that “caused” something because something was always there.

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        1. Therefore you don’t believe in the so-called “Big Bang” idea. Neither do I!
          There must be a cause, not believing a cause, takes much, much more faith than to believe in God.
          You are not an atheist at all, the only difference between you and I would be, the “something” as you say was always there is what I call God.


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