Don’t Take it that Serious —

Linking to SoCS and  FOWC two challenges from popular bloggers here on WordPress.

The theme of today is “Critic”! My written commentary begins with a few quotes I am reminded of;  reminded because these two quotes are a few rules of my life. Number one:

“He has a right to criticize who has the heart to help.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Also this quote

“When criticized, consider the source.”

People, in general, criticized along the lines of their mindset! Which changes from time to time, depending on who their hero for the day is or if they have a properly formed conscience.
Whenever you read a critic or criticism, consider the source and begin thinking for yourself, obey your conscience, your creed and most likely whatever you hear is another theory not based on facts, but according to the narrative of the critic. Above all trust in God!  Your health will improve you might even add years to your life.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Take it that Serious —”

  1. Oh
    The source!
    I like both quotes but considering the source quote for when a criticism comes in says so much about the weight of the comment shared.
    I once heard that “small” people are few finders and their critical comments are aimed to keep people smaller and hurt- in contrast, “large” people can edify others and because they are not all small inside – their words give life and if some constructive criticism unfolds – it is usually from a whole heart and so the source is good and well…
    You grabbed a good point here
    (And trust god in all we do and lean not on our understanding – 💜)

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