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Americans— Examine your Conscience

A real personal story about me! Born and raised in Chicago and growing up to hear from my parents; “We are Democrats,” why, I asked as a young teenager one day, and they simply told me, “because the Democrats were for the poor, and we are not rich.” Later in my life, met the man I married, he also being born and raised from a staunchly Democratic family in Chicago. Years later as things began to change subtly both within the Catholic Church and all political organizations. “Why are we still Democrats?”
I asked him one day, “when their values have changed; and are no longer our values.” We agreed to change parties and never looked back.

Today while watching the news, it is a sad day, when good Americans are so disappointed when they see their President is found innocent of any crime. I remember a day when all Americans would hold their head up high, whether they liked the Presidents personality or not but still would be proud to know he was not a criminal as suspected.

America FIRST before politics was the mind of the people.

You don’t have to like him, so… don’t invite him to dinner, but be proud that your beloved Country has an innocent President, innocent maybe not of personal sins, who is? Innocent of the conspiracy/Russia story.

Come on! Is that the party you want, an injured party that by their own doing represent a dying body, a corpse-like organization because they cheer not for America, not for Truth and Justice but the power of their agenda know as the Godless NWO. Sooner or later they no doubt will get their “guy” a globalist in power, then we will indeed have something SAD to say. Not Today, HOWEVER!

Know that at that time God will intervene.

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3 thoughts on “Americans— Examine your Conscience”

  1. Dear Fandango, with respect I tell you that we shall not judge anyone with our individual perceptions and personal dislikes. A special counsel was appointed and everyone is certain of the reliability of the impartial investigation conducted by Mr. Robert.S. Muller and of course the conclusion might have disappointed many who wanted to see the U.S President guilty. The U.S President was under suspicion of his role in Russian interference in 2016 election for the last 2 years.We can distort the truth as many ways as we can but one-day, one-day the truth will come out just as the sun comes out from the dark clouds. I am not related to U.S.A and I don’t even need to comment here on this topic but I choose to stand with the Truth.. Praise the Lord and May God bless America and President Trump…


  2. Thank you for your honest reply, I feel you do love your country as I feel we all do. What I don’t understand it seems many who love their country want them to find something against Trump, why is that?
    If you say Trump is a traitor you should also show the evidence.
    Also, I agree the country we both love no longer exists.


  3. “…their President is found innocent of any crime.” He wasn’t found “innocent of any crime.” Apparently, According to Trump lackey Bill Barr, the Mueller Report did not definitively find collusion with Russia even though it was done almost in the open and was mute on obstruction of justice. So Barr, Trump’s handpicked AG, who was always highly critical of the investigation, unilaterally declared Trump to be “innocent.” I believe my own eyes and ears and Donald Trump is a traitor and is guilty of both collusion and obstruction and until the entire report, along with the investigation work product is released, I will not believe otherwise. How long do you think it will be before this Putin protege starts investigating his political enemies and detractors and starts arresting them and locking them up?

    I love my country, but I’m not sure the country I live exists anymore.

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