9 thoughts on “Amicable Leftist… Congratulations”

      1. When Donald Trump wants to take away healthcare, cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits, investigate and/or ban his detractors in the media, continue to separate families and jail children, claim total exoneration when that’s not the case, does nothing to counter Russian interference with our election process, and continues his divisive, xenophobic, white nationalist rhetoric, it doesn’t make me feel very amicable toward him and I don’t see how there is anything that he can do to unite the country. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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        1. Now that the Democrats have assured Trump of a second win in 2020 with their debacle; wasting his time with it, he will undoubtedly approve healthcare and other benefits mentioned.
          Remember too it was the Democrats wanting to bring in more people to count on them for votes; promised them Paradise here in America and arranged for their long hard journey which separated many families, lost forever. Evidence of Trump jailing children, please elaborate! Isn’t it the left who want to kill children even under the age of one year these days.
          Why not investigate the investigators; “what’s good for the goose, etc., etc.” maybe they will be vindicated too! Are they afraid? Is that what that shaking was, here I thought it was an earthquake.
          Russian interference with our election process as in ??? et al.?
          Yes, it is pretty sad when “they” she lost the election (2016) that they thought for sure was fixed in their favor.
          Most people of color are waking up to who is trying to keep them down for the agenda of the NWO to control them. Racist, show the evidence, the Truth is so obvious when you know the answer.

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          1. I don’t buy that Trump is assured re-election, especially if he’s going to try kill Obamacare, which will take away heath insurance from 21 million people and will remove rules protecting 133 million people preexisting conditions and on allowing kids to stay on their parents health plans up to age 26. The Republicans have been wanting to obliterate Obamacare for almost a decade, but what have they come up with, besides Trump’s vague promise to make it better and cheaper? And you know what Trump’s promises are worth — like Mexico will pay for his stupid wall — right? Not to mention him wanting to cut back on Social Security benefits and on Medicare, which he promised he’d never do. Add to that education cuts, medical research cuts, and environmental protections (clean air and water).

            Where are you getting that nonsense that Democrats want to bring more migrants here or that it was Democrat’s who “arranged” for family separations? All the Democrats wanted to do was protect the Dreamers, who are already here, from being deported. And if you want evidence of jailing children, open your eyes and look at the images of thousands of children in chain link cages along the border. And pray tell, where in the world did you come up with the left wanting to kill children even under the age of one year? That’s seriously crazy.

            Why, given all of the highly suspicious and questionable things Trump has said and done, shouldn’t he have been investigated? Look at how much time and effort the Republicans made on Benghazi. And as to Russian interference on Trump’s behalf, that has been established and confirmed by our entire national security apparatus, but what remains in question is whether or not it was done with the knowledge and cooperation of Trump and his cronies.

            “She” got 3 million more votes than Trump did, but Trump won because of the antiquated Electoral College. And I’m sorry, but if you can’t see that Trump is a racist (neo Nazis are “very fine people”), then you are willingly blind. And you are dead wrong in your assertion that “most people of color are waking up to who is trying to keep them down.” If that were true, why, then, do most people of color vote Democratic?

            I am sorry, but your comments are uninformed and misguided. But I still love you.

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            1. Thanks for your love, we will wait now and see!
              The babies murdered at birth are born alive and killed on their birthday; I was using your definition of infanticide on another post a while back where you said it was killing a child under one.
              Now sit back and enjoy a beer or two!

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              1. I have stated a number of times that I oppose late term abortions (e.g., after 24 weeks), except under extreme/extraordinary circumstances. And once a baby that is brought to term (i.e., is delivered; is born), then killing that baby is infanticide and is murder and no one on the left supports the murder of infants (who have been born).


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