Supernatural Reality

Just too Hot to Handle!

Too long for some!

Living hour by hour; day by day; year by year in grave sin heavy upon your soul would be the most horrible and one would be in jeopardy of losing their immortal soul forever.
Catholic belief is that one can not judge the condition of another’s soul because there are too many particulars involved; only God knows the opportunities He gave you to understand the Truths of His teachings.

Don’t jeopardize your eternity for this world; short is time; long is an eternity.

8 thoughts on “Just too Hot to Handle!”

  1. Fandango, believe me, I never thought for a moment that I could convince you … only with the grace of God will you be convinced. God gives to all His grace or He would not be Just! You will have to examine your life and think about the times you have been given grace and consider what your choice was. I doubt you even read the verses that I posted; because they are so accurate when you see the life and death of Jesus as foretold. centuries before He was known. No other person in history has had their life predicted with such accuracy prior to His coming. It is not fortune-telling but God speaking through His people that when this time comes, He will be recognized.

    Just as today, the Bible warns us (New Testament) that the Church that Jesus founded would be in line with His life, just as He was in the tomb, hidden and appeared dead, so would His church be near the end of time. Yet, it would never expire completely, we see this today! The Catholic church is hidden, but there! The world perceives the main-stream, neighborhood so-called Catholic as Catholic but they all have adapted to the world, (Vatican ll) As the Bible warns us.


  2. Phew. It’s a good thing that I don’t believe in the soul or eternity. This way I can live a guilt-free life to its fullest. As they say, make hay while the sun shines. 😉


      1. I have yet to see one, single, definitive, irrefutable proof (or piece of evidence) that God exists or that a soul exists or that there is such a place as heaven or hell. Eternal life is wishful thinking. So please, prove me wrong.


          1. All due respect, but quoting the Bible, a compendium of myths written many years after the supposed life of Jesus by at least 40 authors and revised by monarchs over the centuries to achieve their own self-interests, is NOT proof of God’s existence. Saying that it says in the Bible that God exists, and since the Bible is God’s word, and God never speaks falsely, then everything in the Bible must be true, so, God must exist, is a circular argument.

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            1. I would consider what you said except the quotes I presented were from the Old testament, in other words, predictions long before Christ was born if what you say has any truth the Jewish people who denied Christ would certainly have said something but, in fact, they did not disclose their Old Testament text was fiction.

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              1. The text of the Old Testament was also written by different authors over multiple centuries by relatively ignorant, superstitious people. It was the written retelling of ancient myths at a time when people believed in the supernatural, in prophets and prophecies. Of course they didn’t admit that it was fiction, just as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans didn’t admit that their gods were fiction. And the interpretation of the Old Testament quotes you provided were interpretations contained in the New Testament. If you want to believe in astrological predictions or those of fortune tellers or mediums, that’s your choice, but it is proof of nothing. Sorry, but I remain unconvinced. Thanks for trying, though.

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