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Catholic Poetry Ghazal Form

Created for dVerse


Was swaddled laid in a creche — A manger to hold His flesh
First Christmas — Body of Christ incarnate

Thereby where animals ate — The future ours to await
Heralding the Catholic Mass — Body of Christ incarnate

A trough for the world to see — By and by would be a tree
The passion of Christ — Body of Christ incarnate

Eat My Flesh; His Voice did say — A priest during Mass now pray
Manifested reality — Body of Christ Incarnate

He gives His Body, Blood, all — His Will for us, hear His call
His offering of food, for the soul — Body of Christ incarnate



10 thoughts on “Catholic Poetry Ghazal Form”

    1. Thank you so much, when I composed it, I wondered if it would be understood because often I have difficulty reading other poetry and trying to figure out what they were trying to say.

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  1. You captured the liturgy neatly in your couplets – the words have weight as well as expressing the Passion. I think this poetic form feels somewhat like a cross between a litany and a novena. You must have felt that too. The rosary meditation would have played in there of course. It’s a rich poem that meets the qualifications. Well done.

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