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The Meaning of the word + Christians Beware!

It bothers me when Traditional Catholics claim to be the “Traditional Catholic Movement.” Since the word “movement” means change; Traditional Catholics did not change, the New Order, a phrase coined by the New Vatican known as the Novus Ordo, are the ones that changed.

Novus Ordo is The Modern Movement, not within the Catholic church although they today occupy the buildings, much like the Anglican Church of England; they also held the same buildings when the broke with the Holy See around 1860 or so.

We live in strange times; it seems the entire FOUR corners of the world are upside down from religion to secular politics. On another post here, I commented; only to repeat my comment here to make a point. The point is how things change, how the Democratic party has moved to the Left, so far to the Left.  Are they really wanting to change; FOR the Socialist Party of America, a Socialist movement?

It bothers me also to see people who claim the Christian Faith of various denominations, all claiming to follow Christ yet they think nothing of voting FOR those people who think it is healthy or a right to kill an innocent baby. Speaking again to readers who claim to believe in God; when you stand before God in judgment, you will see the aborted as they will see you.

11 thoughts on “The Meaning of the word + Christians Beware!”

  1. I don’t post on my blog to get likes, if I did I would post to the left or moderate or liberal. I think you can remove the like by hitting it again, not sure but I have seen many likes on my email for posts and then they disappeared; after second thoughts I suppose. Try it!


  2. Though I disagree with your last point, in that I am pro-choice on abortion up to viability, I do understand where you’re coming from. I was born prematurely and used to be pro-life for this reason. I am not really a Christian though. I like to read different viewpoints and yours definitely has some value to it.

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      1. Yes and a pro-abortion philosopher originally convinced me to be pro-life, because he claimed a fetus isn’t a human until it can think at 27-30 weeks gestation. That’s ridiculous!

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  3. “the Democratic party has moved to the Left, so far to the Left. Are they really wanting to change to the Socialist Party of America.” And the Republican Party has moved so far to the right when it comes to nationalism and white supremacy, and has so embraced Trump’s embrace of Putin that they might as well call itself the Communist Party of America.

    And secondly, nobody thinks it’s “healthy or a right to kill an innocent baby.” Do you really believe that people are going into the maternity wards and killing babies? For you to continue to promote that falsehood is inexcusable. A fetus is not a baby any more than a maggot is a fly or a caterpillar is a butterfly.

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    1. I strongly disagree with your thinking on abortion. Has any pregnant woman ever given birth to anything other than a baby? Now the Dems want to murder a live baby after birth. I would never vote for anyone who says that is okay. Atheists think they have nothing to lose, but to call oneself a Christian and vote for those who shake their fist at God. BEWARE!

      Don’t kid yourself!

      I give you much credit Fandango, so far you have not asked me to stop participating in your word prompts. Thanks for the opportunity!

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      1. “Now the Dems want to murder a live baby after birth.” No they do not. There are some that support late term abortion (I don’t), but that is simply not the same thing as murdering a live baby AFTER birth.

        You and I fundamentally disagree on so many things, but I respect your right to believe whatever you choose to believe and to freely express your beliefs on your blog and in the comments on mine. I do believe, though, that anyone who would vote to re-elect Donald Trump cares more about things issues like abortion than about women’s rights, about democracy, about the long term survival of the human race, and about corruption in our government, which thanks to Donald Trump, is more entrenched than ever before.

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        1. I realize you don’t support late-term abortion, I read that in the past. Know that when I post, although from your suggested word, my posts here are not just to annoy you; for some reason, your words usually stir some inspiration within me. Which does not happen with other word prompts, just occasionally.

          Thank you again for respecting my right to express myself and I appreciate your comments always.

          Trump is not the perfect person, but if he could help the innocent, stop the killing of babies, God will bless our Country.

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          1. I know that you don’t post just to annoy me. 😉 And I’m pleased that my prompt words motivate you to blog. We may not see eye-to-eye, but I enjoy your posts and appreciate your comments.

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