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“Where art thou” dVerse Poetry Forms

dVerse means poetry forms and this is my first attempt at what they are calling Dizain poetry.  Try it!  I did and it was a challenge to be sure.

Rules can be found here



This day leaves seemed contrived where art thou breeze?

Anchored tight clouds cling the sky blue setting 

Swiftly in a flicker of time, a wheeze

What! A storm approaching — quite upsetting

Another grim moment unforgetting

But, wait we see the brightness of the sun

Our God is teasing us, having some fun

Making sure we know that He is still there

Believe it or not, He won’t be outdone

World again still where art thou breeze — nowhere!

8 thoughts on ““Where art thou” dVerse Poetry Forms”

  1. Leaves and trees are a popular choice for this prompt. I liked the timelessness of the piece, the language formal without being archaic.


  2. I think you’ve met the challenge excellently, with some original rhymes, and you seem to have had fun with it. You did miss one rhyme in the final lines of your second verse: ‘there;’ and ‘breeze’. Admittedly ‘breeze’ harks back to the rhymes of the first verse, which almost saves it. The reader doesn’t immediately notice the variation. If I hadn’t been reading with the form in mind, I might well have missed it. You have a few weeks to rewrite it if you wish; it’s an enjoyable and thought-provoking read in any case.

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