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The Never-ending

Do you hear it?
That thunder a roar-like shout.
It is everywhere AS God IS!

Progressives claim it doesn’t stand, yet;
Their language shaky, uncertain —
Dash hopes as dying, dying, dead!

Living still, that thunder, roar-like cheer.
Alive and well, demanding to be heard —
Never-ending, endless TRUTH!


6 thoughts on “The Never-ending”

    1. My post is mainly how important it is to find the Truth, not something that is convenient for myself or something that suits my lifestyle, I guess what I am trying to say is there is a truth, and I am still searching for it. I hear it loud and I am reaching!


  1. A statement of faith for sure.
    I might add, I consider myself a progressive and I also have a strong faith. I don’t think the two necessarily preclude each other. Just sayin’ 🙂
    Glad you posted today!

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    1. I feel you will agree we are all on this journey, at different levels, my statement was based on voices we hear tearing each other apart, going nowhere, it was posted in general; I realize many progressives want the best for the world as I do.

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