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In Truth, Halloween — 4 Weekly Prompts


Halloween a time to pretend, giving, and taking. Giving candy and taking candy, saying, Thank You! I remember going home, and pouring through my delights, I felt like a Princess, it is also a time for sharing the sweets with your family.

Today, however, the mood is conflictingly evilly.

The game the elite play at this time; to abolish the true meaning of Halloween; in Truth Halloween IS the evening before the Christian Holy Day of All Hallows Day, All Saints Day. Halloween is a Christian festival!

I remember the “Good Old Days” this is a one-time speech or a phrase cheer and rings well within my soul.


1 thought on “In Truth, Halloween — 4 Weekly Prompts”

  1. I agree that Halloween is on the eve of the Roman Catholic Christian feast of All Saints’ (or All Hallows’) Day.
    On All Hallow’s Day Roman Catholics are meant to remember martyrs and saints, it is said to have originated in Pagan times. My Christian church, The Church of England frowns upon Halloween and the way people today treat it as festival that almost celebrates witches and ghouls, as do many other non-Catholic churches.
    The idea of treating Halloween, 31st October as a festival didn’t really arrive in Britain until the seventies, it was a commercial import from America.
    For most people though it’s nothing more than a bit of fun, albeit commercially exploited.
    Thank you for linking to our prompt, perfect for Halloween 👻💀👻

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