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Apostolic Blessing — True Story

Today, seven years ago, my husband passed away, November 13, 2012.

I miss him very much. We were married for over 50 years. He was an atheist when we married, but died a Catholic. I wonder even today, what he did so special that God smiled upon him with special graces. I believe it was his grandmother’s rosary she prayed daily.  

Hours before his death, he was barely conscience, slipped in and out. After receiving the Last Sacraments of the Church, he was gifted with the Apostolic Blessing. A blessing that includes a plenary indulgence. He was, as I said, partly rational and barely conscience but conscience enough to invoke the holy name of Jesus when the priest administrating the blessing asked him.

If interested you may find more about the Apostolic Blessing by reading here at

Looking back on our life together;  what I enjoyed about our marriage, he allowed me to be myself.  Although for many years he had no faith in my religion, he always encouraged our children to follow me along that path.  One day after he converted years before he died, which is another story, I asked him why he defended the faith with such earnest; he said because it was so hard for him to acquire it.

3 thoughts on “Apostolic Blessing — True Story”

  1. Great article! This was so touching, nearly brought a tear to my eye. Grandpa lived a full life and closed his path in a way most Catholics dream of. He set the best example for so many people and will always be always a hero of mine.

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  2. Hi Grandma, thank you for sharing this with me. Grandpa is in my thoughts and prayers today. Grandpa is a huge reason why I have been so successful in my life and married a good man like him 🙂
    I love you guys! I hope to have a wonderful marriage like you two shared!

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  3. Priceless. Dennis was indeed blessed and the blessings came, not from what Dennis did, but through the mercy of God. Love and prayers, and I will put him on the prayer list I remember every single day. Mary

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