Stop the World


I want to get off!

What a life we live; how convenient! Today you and I or anyone, how lucky can we be today to be alive in these silly times. So featherbrained, it is comical and sad at the same time. 

Is it any wonder our children don’t know if they are boys or girls nor do their parents.  

Our need for amusement no longer means getting dressed, finding a ride that takes us to the neighborhood circus that arrived to entertain us.

Our need to laugh is at our fingertips, so colorful we can taste it.

Just grab your favorite chair, get comfy in your P.J.s turn on your means of media, and get your popcorn, sit down, being careful not to wet your pants through laughter. 

This entire impeachment bazaar is like closing your eyes, and ears and imagine A cow is screaming across the arroyo.


7 thoughts on “Stop the World”

  1. Ditto Victoria’s comment.
    But, I feel I have to add . . . I’ve found the impeachment hearings difficult to understand how individuals can dismiss so many people, taking it upon themselves to testify factually what they heard, saw, witnessed; the timelines; the refusal of a president to provide documents and the instructions of a president to ignore subpoenas from Congress; the criminal charges and prison sentences of so many of this president’s colleagues; the proven illegitimacy and fraud perpetrated among so many who enrolled in Trump University; the criminal charges, verdict and fine set for the Trump Foundation in terms of fraud as a nonprofit; the documented “stiffing” of employees who worked for the president’s businesses; the filmed and therefore documented degrading of a disabled person; today’s tweets from a president denigrating a teenager who has Asperger’s syndrome and yet has risen to international acclaim as a proponent for action to protect the environment; the removal of scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency and the denial of climate change; the recent roll back of protective laws against proven toxic chemicals…
    Okay. Enough.
    Anyway, an interesting response to the prompt. One thing I will definitely agree on….we are assailed by the 23/7 news cycle we now live with….regardless of partisanship, it is difficult to live simply these days….to find serenity.

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  2. Having “too much” has certainly not helped us any, has it? I think back to my childhood and my children now and even though many things were not good about “back in the day”, it doesn’t mean it all was bad. We can find the circus with a click of the button…

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