6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi should stay at home!”

  1. So Nancy is the next woman who is a criminal? She should be put in jail? And… oh boy, tearing up some papers. No crime named. As for people on the streets, “lift” more people off of welfare or food stamps… and you’ll get more of that. If this is a Christian nation (and even if it isn’t), we should care about our “neighbors” — and “strangers” too. Now, none of this is to say Nancy should stay in office. There are many kinds of wrong in terms of what can be pushed or taken advantage of or ignored in office. (And Trump perpetrates a lot on his own.)

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    1. The “tearing,” some are saying that was a crime since those papers were his original instruments with his signature, they did not belong to her. Is that true? A crime or not, I do not know! I do think it was childish and she should not have done so.

      I appreciate your comment here, I really do, and I have reached the age (80) the same age as Nancy; the time in your life when one doesn’t care about what others think. PerhapsNancy feels that way too, which is why she should stay home. What bothers me about Nancy is, she claims to be a Catholic, as I am, yet, approves of late-term abortions; that does not sound like caring for our fellow persons to me, nor is it a Catholic belief to murder.


      1. I am not aware of tearing the papers as being a crime. Maybe against procedure or traditional practice or something like that. Possibly against the law; like I said, I don’t know. Nevertheless, not everything that is against even the law has a penalty of jail or prison. The lock her up [any available her or enemy list persona] refrain echoes Stalinism.

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  2. All I said was she should stay at home, retire and bake cookies or something.
    Time will tell if it was a crime or not, I don’t know and I will not pretend to know, I do know if I had sneaked into that room and did the same they would have locked me up!


    1. This is certainly a matter of concern in our country — different levels of outrage or allowance for different levels of people. We just saw that in the permissiveness the president was allowed. It goes beyond our most public figures, to people who are generally more privileged (usually in terms of who has more money than most people). If someone snuck into the official venue… that’s different from Speaker of the House handling what has been put into her possession. But then there are matters in every day life; certain people get away with very little while others get many chances, or even unlimited chances and permissions.

      Anyway, your heading is fine — a clever response to the prompt. And I would guess that Nancy is exhausted. On another note, though, the recording (video) spoke of locking her up; that’s too much (unless something else much more weighty were to come to light).

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      1. Thank you again, we are all in this world together, and must learn to put up with each other’s faults and failings. The passions are high right now with some folks, and they say things they regret later. I myself dread the Globalist getting too much power, so only time will tell what happens next!
        Take care may God Bless you!


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