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How to Get Rich Fast

dVerse wants something SILLY, just turn on the DAILY NEWS!

It seems the whole world is SILLY!
A Plandemic, oops I mean Pandemic?
New dances like — Social Distancing, ♫♪
Sheltering in Place ♪ Quarantining the Healthy ♫
Don’t miss this tip
For what its worth,
Buy stock in toilet paper.
Get rich fast!

10 thoughts on “How to Get Rich Fast”

  1. I remember once when my kids were little giving them each a roll of toilet paper to play with. What a mess! But they had fun attaching it to anything and everything. I will have to look back and see if I have a picture of it.

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      1. Yeah, when toilet paper wasn’t worth the same as gold it didn’t seem like a big deal. Once, when I was teaching little ones, first grade mostly, I used to use macaronis for counting and sorting. I will never forget one parent being so upset with me because there are so many starving people in the world, how could I just waste food like that. Ever since then I am so conscious of wastefulness.


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