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For what its WORTH … to You!

The Wordle of WORDS are:

My first thought was to PASS on this wordle, yet, my brain quickly turned to the MAINSTREAM NEWS known as those who brown noses or PANDER to one side! As SHOCKing seems to some, in reality, they are DESIGNed that you and I FALL in LINE!
FILL the gap with inconsistency is the method of operation.
Many come to America because they COVET the USA; some come to dishonor our STRIPES of red, white, and blue. Their ears only hear the WILD fake news of the PRESS who MINE but can’t find the dirt they seek.
Thank God for the great awakening and 4 more years of Truth, Justice, and the American way.

8 thoughts on “For what its WORTH … to You!”

  1. If he is NOT elected tor another four years, we will look like Venezuela, is that what you want for your children and future generations?

    The liberals pander to evil, not even knowing what they are doing, just following like sheeple, whoever will give them a free lunch.

    Anyone reading this, VOTE TRUMP; do you really want a president who can’t remember anything anymore?


      1. Oh, I know who you were talking about. I can’t understand how, after all the crap he’s pulled, anyone can still support Trump. He’s corrupt, he’s a liar, he only cares about himself. He is destroying America and the country won’t survive if he is re-elected.


        1. He speaks of God, he is against abortion, he wants to make America Great and so far he is winning against the mainstream news who are the liars. This is the real reason why he is hated. If we lose America to the liberals, globalists, the new world order, we lose the world. Trump may not be perfect with his personal life but God forgives and God blesses him and God blessed America because today we are given a retrieve.
          If Hilary won we would no longer have free speech because the left can’t stand anyone who disagrees with them or challenges them.

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          1. He speaks of God because he’s pandering to the religious right, but I doubt that he’s ever read the Bible. He wants to make America great by making it more like Russia and he wants to be like Putin. The real reason he is hated is because heya hateful person. I think you’re mixing up the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to the free press and freedom of speech. Trump is the one who wants to shut down the free press because they tell the truth about what he’s doing to our country, the environmental, and the world. But you go ahead and continue to wear blinders when it comes to Trump. Just remember, if he is re-elected for another four year term, that the American democracy will cease to exist.

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  2. I’m trying not to be too cynical, but I am inclined to believe that the traditional media are not giving us the whole story, and / or they are making the situations worse by fanning flames of fear and hysteria. It certainly seems like there are certain things that we are “supposed” to think. :/

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