Seek Him

Excellent words, you are truly inspired when you wrote this, Jeff.

The other day Michelle and I caught ourselves having a heated discussion about a few Christian “hot topics”- some of which we agreed on wholeheartedly, and some that we didn’t necessarily see eye to eye on. And you may already know where I’m going with this because as Christians we believe the Bible to be the truth, a guide book of life given to God’s people. It’s an instruction manual, isn’t it? And when you’re looking at “the truth”, it’s very black and white, there’s no gray area, there’s no compromise. It’s God’s word and it is the truth.

Or is it?

How many of us are living in the gray area? How many of us say “I know the Bible says this, but it can’t really mean that.”, or “The Bible is an outdated book, things have changed a lot since then!”. How many of us are afraid to…

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