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Words Unknown

Traditional writing and True, my shining moment to remember!

dVerse has given us an opportunity to share your shining moment.  This is mine!

My shining moment was and will always be the moment in time when my son came home after several stays in Afghanistan. He often still speaks of the time he experienced combat — waking up to intruders, and suddenly from one second to the next, face to face with the enemy.
Knowing of this event and waiting for his return. The words expressing how I felt when he came home, are yet unknown to even a Linquist.

One dry, dusty day …
Far away from home! Shots fired!
My Prayer answered.



10 thoughts on “Words Unknown”

  1. I appreciate your reading my post and yes, prayers for our military and now police are always needed in these times of chaos. Knowing there are always honest mistakes and evildoers in all branches of organizations we must pray daily for each other and learn to overlook minor faults & failings, we all them.
    Thankful I am indeed for my son’s return.


  2. I cannot even imagine the fear a parent or wife or child must have when a son/spouse/parent are on active duty in a far away place and in harm’s way. I am certain you prayed every day for his safe return. And then to have several tours of duty to make the time even longer or to have it happen again. I am so very thankful for you and his entire family that he came home safe.
    And it goes without saying, we are so very thankful for the men and women and their families who serve our country in the military to insure our freedoms and to assist others across the globe.
    Thank you for posting this.

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