17 thoughts on “The Invention of Slang take the challenge”

  1. Faith in God is a fine thing, but now and again he turns the tables.
    He tests us, he puts his trust and faith in us to do the right thing. Sadly, so many of us let him down. We fail to do the right thing.

    A friend recently said to someone I wear a mask to protect you, will you do the same to protect me?
    Love thy neighbour.
    Great response to our challenge. Thank you.

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    1. The quickest way to get the left to admit the mask does little to protect anyone would be if we had the message on my image above. LOL! Also, it is a medical fact the mask is unhealthy to wear at all breathing bad air.


      1. An interesting argument – strange how it has only surfaced now.
        Medical staff in surgical situations have worn masks day in and day out for decades with no reported side effects.

        I can’t help wondering how many deaths and illnesses have been caused by wearing a mask in comparison to deaths caused by people not wearing a mask?

        Then important fact that people fail to grasp is that It’s not about protecting ourselves, it’s about protecting others from us. Many of us could be Asymptomatic and we wouldn’t know.

        I would be devasted and ashamed and would never forgive myself if I caused the death of someone because I refused to wear a mask.

        No matter what arguments we present for wearing or not wearing a mask, at the end of the day the choice is a simple one – Love thy neighbour or Love thyself more.

        There are, of course, safer means to keep others safe – Stay at Home.

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        1. I never thought as my reply back to you as an argument, it all boils down to who we are listening too! My understanding is, the mask was and is for the protection, as you say, for the medical and health of those who the doctors are operating on. Yes, it would be deadly for them to allow from their mouth droplets into the open wounds of their patients.
          Same as washing their hands.
          However, it is not healthy to wear a mask as some do these days. The arguments for not wearing a mask are out there.

          We love our neighbor by praying for them with our entire heart and soul. Caring for their needs, and making sure they have food, clothing and shelter.

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          1. You misunderstood me – you spoke about the argument that has been put forward for not wearing masks, that is the argument I was discussing.

            This is a dangerous, deadly pandemic where millions are seriously ill, people are dying, and lying dead in overfilled mortuaries. Families are grieving, earnings are lost and economies are failing. Such suffering breaks my heart.

            People, ordinary people are responsible for this, they are to blame for the deaths of others, these poor souls died because of the irresponsible behaviour of ordinary people.

            We can’t condemn people for choosing to wear a mask for longer periods than necessary, at least these people are not harming others.

            I’ve been a believer and a churchgoer for the whole of my life. I was taught that a Christian always puts others before themselves, our needs are secondary.

            Helping others, giving my time to someone else, doing what I can to assist is the way I have always led my life. I will continue to do everything in my power to protect others and if that includes wearing a mask then so be it.

            This is nothing to do with politics or to whom I listen, it’s simply doing the right thing, putting others first and saving lives. Anything less and I would have failed in my Christian duty.

            At the end of the day, we have to ask how far am I prepared to go to save others?

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            1. I love your attitude, however I believe the mask worn too long is not healthy for the wearer; I also believe that we must build up our immune system. It is like some mothers will not allow their children to play in dirt for fear they might catch a germ. Usually, those are the children that catch everything.

              It is also not healthy for society to live in fear.

              I do not believe in coughing in the face of another and I do own several masks.

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              1. Thank you.
                I don’t wish to offend, but your attitude, go play in the dirt and build immunity is naive, it shows how ill informed you are and is precisely why the disease is out of control in the US.

                Covid 19 is a new virus, it’s a vicious killer that has brought the entire world to a standstill and has done so because none of us had Covid-19 antibodies, how could we, when it’s brand new.

                There are no antibodies in the dirt. The only way to build immunity to this disease is to catch it and here lies the problem, those who catch it, spread it and someone’s mother, father, a cancer patient or a child waiting for heart surgery will die.

                Our only option is to control this pandemic and save lives, we have the power to do that by wearing masks, washing our hands, and keeping our distance until a safe vaccine has been developed.

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              2. You state that “we must build up our immune system”. Cannot be done with this virus. It is unique creation and we all need to observe recommended safety practices.

                Let me ask you this: When was the last time you updated your immune boosters inoculations to protect you against Mumps-measles-rubella or Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis? Probably never.

                How about Shingles? Ever have chicken pocks as a child? This is the type of disease you cannot build up your personal defenses against. You need a booster shot for protection.

                You are not alone in believing that you as a person alone can boost your immunity. Too many people have died from the COVID virus believing in their own immune suppressant superiority.

                Protect others. Protect yourself. Wear the mask smartly and protect others and yourself.

                This is not a religious matter. It is a life and death situation and hard scientific facts must replace societal ignorance of the facts.

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            2. Your Christian duty is to love and protect one another and learn all you can to save lives not jeopardize them through ignorance or political persuasion.

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              1. Thank you for all your good advice, I agree with some but not all, as I stated prior to this, I am not an expert, scientist nor doctor. I have read different opinions from the experts and like everyone, including you have either agreed with certain ones and not others.

                I believe this virus is real, but those who are for a One World Order are milking this to the extreme. With the grace of God, I will not fall for their lies.

                As far as Trump goes, although he is not perfect and far from it, what is the alternative?
                Please don’t think Biden! He wants to kill all babies at the whim of their parents, How does that fit into your mind about protecting others. I would fear the judgment of God on that one, not should I or not wear a mask question.

                The mask itself is a control thing, in my opinion, to create fear of which I am not afraid of them because I who Trust in God know the end of the story, it’s in the Bible, read it!


          2. Wearing a mask for “extended periods of time” does pose health risks. In the United States the National Institute of Health recently reported that some health care workers are experiencing breathing problems and lung disease from the wearing of the masks on their jobs. That is due to the fact that they have had to “recycle” their personal protective equipment and reuse unsafe masks. Wearing masks when you are in crowded spaces and cannot safely distance is now the rule and not the exception.

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      2. You and others have tragically politicized the virus ( the left or the right) which is tragic. The virus is totally apolitical and does not care which party you support, whether you are rich or poor or anything like that. Trump is preying on naive people to follow him and turn him into their political savior. Don’t do it. Trust in God.

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        1. Good advice to Trust in God and believe me I do. This virus is only the beginning of worse things to happen it seems since Adam and Eve every 2000 years God has to bring us back to Him.


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