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dVerse Haiku Sequence a Poem!

dVerse inspired

Is That You, Lord!

Passing by the Church
Come! a voice seemed to whisper
Me myself with God!

Tiptoeing alone
Pausing at giant statues                                    Image1
Walking to and fro.

Faces fixed in place
I can almost hear them speak
staring long enough.

Candles flickering
Shadows dancing; is that You?
Marbled eyes peering!

11 thoughts on “dVerse Haiku Sequence a Poem!”

    1. I love it! One day while entering the Church, I was asking God, if He could only say one word to me what would that one word be. In my mind just then I heard an inspiration that said. COME!

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  1. You captured the magnifence of the falls and the roaring power of the water. Thanks for taking us there!


  2. I love those moments that. Give us pause and occasion us to think was that You,God! You described your moment beautifully


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