Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

Living Witness to Christ’s Death!

My Tanka poem has a religious echo about A Tree!

The Yew Tree seem to live “forever” as Christ resurrected from the dead. Reported in The Times that a yew tree in the churchyard at Coldwaltham, West Sussex, had been confirmed as one of the oldest trees in England planted around 1,000 BC. NOTE: Image below is not necessarily the same tree as what The Times wrote about.

A Yew Tree

Always forever
A Witness to Christ, His death
Lasting undying!
God chose a tree, a Yew Tree.
Living growing in Churchyards!


9 thoughts on “Living Witness to Christ’s Death!”

  1. OK… Myrna, you were doing so well on Mr. Linky. Today you put in the URL of my post. Always put the URL of your post in Mr. Linky. I was able to find your poem and fix it for you. Remember, it’s your post everyone wants to read. LOL! Well done on your tanka. Hugs! ❤

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  2. I had that same experience with Cheryl’s post, but there is another link to her post when you scroll down on her blog. Nice poem Myrna. Interesting information about the Yew tree. We have 2,000-year-old Joshua trees in California growing the the desert off by themselves. They look like they have been ridden hard and put away wet as the cliche goes.

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  3. The ginkgo trees at the temples in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that were very close to ground zero when blasted survived. God has given its creatures a strong will to survive, especially some trees.

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  4. Wonderful use of the aged yew tree, a symbol of witness to the undying nature of salvation! Had no idea, by the way, that they’d discovered a 3,000 year old yew tree! Wow! That’s amazing.

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