dVerse IS BACK!

For dVerse where we are asked to write a Haibun about a new beginning a first!

Writing not one but four, and this will be my fifth post today, that is a first for me.

Another new beginning I recently experience was moving from my large three bedrooms, three-story home into my converted basement into what I call my cozy cave. (bottom story)

Why the move? Its been eight years since my beloved husband passed, and my six children have long left the nest. My life is in the state of the reverse; in other words, the children I cared for will now care for me.

Now that the packing and sorting out “stuff” is over, finding places for my keepsakes here in my cozy cave was challenging but fun.

I bet you wonder who is living upstairs? Two doggies, one cat, two lovely children (girls), and their mother, my daughter.

Alone, no! Not I
Noise yes!—Quietly! Snowfalls
Float toward the goal

12 thoughts on “dVerse IS BACK!”

    1. I know how you feel, I am happy I got a chance to do this for my family, this way I was given the opportunity to pass along and tell the story of why I kept this and that. While at the same time getting rid of stuff without any reason to keep it.


  1. It sounds like you’ve made the turn in life’s journey very well. Making our living space cozy can make all the difference…and to have loving family near by, just upstairs, what a blessing.
    So glad you posted today! I love this haibun about your new beginnings in your cozy place!

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    1. I am blessed five of my six adult children live within a few miles from my home and although like snowflakes they are all different, they all get along so well. That didn’t just happen I have prayed daily for my children to be united.

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