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What the World Needs Now

dVerse a poem

The Rosary

Beads to hold between fingers.
Living, breathing, life’s weapon!
We pray first through the short links—
Represent — our life, short! Next
The endless circle — Eternity!
Suggesting infinity! Never-ending beads
Slip along the ring around a blessed
String. Perfumed as the scent of a rose
Rising to heaven! She offers us her
Baby Son! It all began with the angel’s
Words, “Hail Mary full of grace.”
God’s creation perfectly as His Mother
Must be! She gave us the rosary!

10 thoughts on “What the World Needs Now”

    1. The truth is, I read dVerse and wanted to try the idea they suggested but could not write anything, my mind was blank. I closed my eyes and ask the Blessed for inspiration and the idea to write about the rosary came; the words there are hers,(The Holy Virgin) I know this because they came from her not me.

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  1. Whatever our path to our own faith, it’s safe to say recent events, added to the pandemic, have left us clinging to our faith and grasping for straws. Not even in the dats of WW II did I feel quite as vulnerable as I do now.

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