Too, too Tired! A Haibun with Haiku

Just to create conditions that something did happen a long time ago. A memory to awaken according to dVerse at … click here for more information, CLICK!

Going back in time is something expected as one age. This memory always comes to mind when I do this exercise, and I have often recalled it.
I could barely walk; therefore, I must have been about 24 months.
Knowing I couldn’t have been more than three. I remember walking outside with my mother and her lady-friend. I remember sitting down on the sidewalk and sitting there, sitting there.
My mother refused to pick me up; she kept coaching me to get up. After a few moments went by, but it seemed to me at that time a very long time. She started to walk ahead with her lady friend, leaving me to sit there.
Now that I am grown, I imagine she said something like this, “okay, just sit there, but I am going home.” The picture in my memory is; it seems as if she is far, far away; I am frightened — she left me!
I would not get up to run to her since she seemed an eternity away.
I can still see how tiny both she and her lady-friend were because they were so far away in my mind’s eyes.
In reality, they were only about 50 feet from me, and I know this because my mother would have never left me!

Stubborn baby girl
Take my hand — up little one
Too tired, mama dear!

14 thoughts on “Too, too Tired! A Haibun with Haiku”

  1. Strange the moments in our childhood that are captured vignettes in our memory. Yours is fascinating, and I’m sure Freud could make much of it!!! So interesting.

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  2. This must have had such a big impact if you can remember it from such a young age! I suppose many children’s greatest fear at that age would be being abandoned by their mother.

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  3. Love this childhood memory! I think it must ring true for many….as parents and as children. How many parents have simply said,” OK, just sit there, but we’re leaving” after cajoling and pleading and ordering…..and then walking ever so slowly until the little one, in their mind’s eye, thinks they are truly being abandonded! Hmmm….maybe at that point it would just be better to bodily pick them up and walk on? I’ve done both!

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