Weekend Writing Prompt

Junk or Treasure, depends on you!

This weekend challenge inspired the memory of looking back through the adventures of my life. The past seems to surface as we age!
Yes, and all that junk that slipped through my life, both in my mind and hands. Thinking now of all the yard sales, with all that junk scattered, yet, not all was junk to me, perhaps to the seller, yes; buyer a treasure waiting for discovery.
My best experience was finding this work of art, two statues of the Holy Family, about 12″ tall, one of Blessed Mother, the other Saint Joseph holding Baby Jesus, dressed with several paint chips proudly vintage.
As I purchased, the seller remarked, “I knew someone would come along and appreciate these.” He did not know how actual his words were.
Not the best picture below, but to give you a glimpse of my prize.

Catholic accused of worship of statues how ridiculous and they who accuse know it!

Most of us/all of us have treasures that reminds of this or that! We feel bad if it gets lost, stolen, or broke. Admit it!

Religious pictures, statues are meant only to be an inspiration to a Catholic. Amen!

In the meantime, I enjoyed repairing the few nicks and chips on these statues, knowing they are only made with ceramics of sort.

4 thoughts on “Junk or Treasure, depends on you!”

  1. I’m not Catholic either, but I can see why anyone would assume that catholics worship statues. I imagine the accusation stems from the many images we have of Catholics praying in front of statues. The statues being a representation of Mary and Jesus. But equally I can understand that the worship is directed towards God. At least thats the way it appears to me.
    Thank you so much for sharing this and taking part in our challenge,

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    1. Thank you for your reply. Many, however, do not admit that even God Himself ordered when we read in Exodus 25: 18-21 two angels Cherubims of God to be constructed. Our hearts are definitely raised to heaven when we kneel before the stars outside or inspired images of the Sacred above.

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