Word Prompts

He who has ears, HEAR!

We are prompted to use the word/idea SEARCH by Fandango.

This search began for me the other day just out of curiosity on my part.
Our Resident Biden and why!  Is he the real deal? Some say he is not!
Recently it was rumored, fake news, or whatever that he is not even Biden.  Having a little free time, more than usual for me, I went on a search.  Picking off various images of Biden from the Internet.  Could this be true?  Why are some of his earlobes attached and other earlier photos of him, his earlobes detached?  After I discovered this; thinking I found something unique, BUT not at all!  Others have noticed this before me.  Just search your favorite search engine. (Biden's earlobes) It is said your earlobes are like fingerprints and do not change with age.  Some say he had plastic surgery, then why is he still aging? I thought plastic surgery makes one look younger?  Questions and more questions, I wonder!
If they wanted a double, why not pick a person who is a little more alert?

I don't know, just asking!

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