Mini Fiction

Till Death do we part

OKAY! I’ll try this Mini Fiction Challenge

The Photo Prompt

Following my favorite friend along the watery trail, we stopped before entering what seemed like a place, a dimension. It was somewhere, everywhere! Best described as before time, or was it after! Right around the bend, oh! Should we or shouldn’t we continue. The flowers! Roses, in particular, without thorns. While walking along the fluid path these roses were all around, I noticed vivid colors without names, yes, colors that haven’t been named yet—every shade from light to dark and in-between. Changing shades gorgeously shadowed with dark tones continuously shifting to dim light. I knew without a doubt these heavenly roses never die; they simply fade away simultaneously while new flowers appear. It is really quite enchanting.
Looking ahead while feeling immensely obliged to pursue forward, I noticed a large podium with a large stern man waiting for me. About this time, my soul inner self felt light and free; infused with a piece of keen knowledge, suddenly without any forewarning, I fell asleep.

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