Cee's challenge

Optical Illusion to go along with all the Fake News

While looking through my myriad of images stored on my computer, as you all have!

FOUND — photo of my drawing!

While hoping to find something to enter this interesting challenge titled CBWC Any Kind of Geometrical by Cee’s Photo Challenges. I found this old drawing of mine a few years back when I was trying to create an optical illusion of depth, on a flat piece of drawing paper. Thinking it might be of interest to others with shades and shapes on a flat paper I posted it!

Instructions of the illusion can be found on YouTube in several places. Perhaps Cee might be inspired to run such a challenge of creating illusion someday. I would do it myself but I don’t have that large of followers to make it successful. How about it Cee? I challenge you to my suggestion.


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