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If your easily Offended don’t read this!

If you love carrots don’t miss this challenge at the CARROT RANCH! Ninety-nine words  – 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the word meltdown. The rules are use it to describe an event or emotional reaction. You can create a new meaning or explore the word origin. You can Go where the prompt leads! Respond by July 20, 2021. That is what I did, (create a new meaning) Why not – those in power are doing it, creating new meanings.

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Below please find a few words to add to the new glossary; words to conform with the New Order of things. The New World Order, they call it.

“Misinformation” today means anything Democrats don’t like.
“Racist” means today anything said, the Democrats disagree.
“He or she” is illegal pronouns today because the liberals say so!
“Censorship” is anything that infringes on their rights.
“Offended” means hurry unfriend them sooner than later.
There are also a few new words not in the dictionary, such as
“Antifa” – “vax”!
“Meltdown”; oops, I’m at my 99 words; see picture below for definition.

4 thoughts on “If your easily Offended don’t read this!”

  1. Yes, let’s talk about words. Do you realize that the word offensive means, “causing someone to feel deeply hurt, upset, or angry”? Think about that for a minute. “Causing…” To cause means to “make something happen.” Therefore, when you acknowledge that a piece of writing could be offensive, you accept accountability for going on the attack. No one is attacking you (that would be “defensive”). I see that this is meant to be funny by your tag words but I would encourage you to work more on your humor delivery and less on attacking vulnerable viewpoints, including human rights for all (isn’t love the message of Jesus?).

    Political satire can be funny but I don’t understand how this political rant is humorous. As a writing mentor, I’d advise you to read and practice irony in your creative expression. It’s okay to voice your thoughts, ideologies, and opinions in creative writing. It’s not okay to use a creative writing prompt as a soapbox to inflict pain on others. Our literary community at Carrot Ranch is about mentorship and fellowship among diverse writers.

    I see that Frank Hubney is a reader here. He has published many stories at Carrot Ranch and often includes stories with conservative views. I admire the way he writes and uses craft elements to deliver his stories without attacking the reader who might not share his views.

    It’s unfortunate that this work would be your first venture to Carrot Ranch because I do not know you or your intentions. This is why I wish bloggers would have the sense to create an actual About Page that serves as an introduction instead of creating a mystery. I could be wrong about my response to your piece, but I care about my community and maintaining a safe space for writers. That goes for you, too. If you honestly flubbed an attempt at political satire I welcome you to try another response. Pro tip: if you have to preface a story with “don’t read if easily offended” you are likely attacking others and that is bullying behavior.

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        1. So now I will have my say! I re-read my post, your challenge, and your rules and feel I followed them! I consider myself learning, not teaching; therefore, I try to follow other bloggers’ rules. It seems to me what struck a chord from your welcomed comment and correction to me was my title yet, although I did not mean it to be a warning, although your rules do state that a warning is allowed. I quote –>” If you do include adult topics that might trigger others, give a warning, post it on your own site and share the link. We respect a diverse community.”
          Having worked in Advertising and Real Estate in my youth, learning the title of an ad is meant to attract readers! (My only motive in all my post on WordPress when I write the title) Sorry if you were offended; however, I believe what offended you was not the title but the truth of my post. Yes, Jesus is love, but He disapproves of condoning wrongdoing. He is the one who is offended by it!

          In the future when I participate in one of your prompts I will refrain from politics. I can promise you that but since I love all the bloggers that offer challenges I can’t promise you will never see my posts on your site.

          Thanks for the conversation!


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