8 thoughts on “Betrayal”

  1. I have seen that the Catholic Church approved the vaccines in this regard. (They, obviously, can’t approve them medically for scientific use… and no one has actually approved them in that way yet… in our country anyway.) But the explanation, from the Catholic Church, of why the Catholic Church okayed the use didn’t add up… to me. It added up scientifically in the sense that there are no baby cells in the vaccine. But it doesn’t add up according to the logic of principles.

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      1. Fetal Tissue — Research Ethics[ and] What Happens If Injected In Our Bodies?

        This is a scientific perspective as well as where I got the news about what the “Catholic Church” had decided. (I did double-check to see if it was so about that organization.) The video is not meant to be a moral or immoral argument.

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