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A Six Sentence Story

WordPress is the place to be these days of uncertainly, not only do you have an opportunity to voice your solutions/opinions to what is going on in the world, but you can accept all different challenges from other creative bloggers like this one —> Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and another edition of Six Sentence Stories!

The prompt word on this challenge is EXPLORE!


Not so long ago, during an era when family gatherings were not frowned upon, it so happened a happy celebration was in progress.

The story begins with a playful grandma wanting to explore her young grandson’s mind with conversation during a joyful party while enjoying sitting together near the table settings with fun things to munch on, lots of yummy fruits, and tasty treats.

Suddenly the nearby phone rings … r i n g -r i n g!

Grandma’s foolery outshined her as she grabbed the banana off the table, put it up to her ear, and said, “hello!”

“Hello, who is this speaking please?”

The confused grandson looked up at her with the most serious look on his face, whispered, “grandma, that is A banana!”

12 thoughts on “A Six Sentence Story”

  1. Hi, Myrna. Thank you for your gracious intro, top of your post, with the link back to GirlieOnTheEdge for the “It’s Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up!” post. I hope you come by and link your Six so the other participants can read it 🙂

    And what a delightful Six it is. I find it extra special when grandparents have retained their sense of fun and let it lose on unsuspecting youth, lol. I imagine the older we get, the more difficult it becomes to engage young children. But hey, who can resist a banana telephone?! 😀

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  2. It is amazing how the world has changed over our lifetimes. The grandson never saw one of those old phones. I can remember when my parents were proud to have one finally installed in the farmhouse even if it was a party line.

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